You want ingredients that will set you apart, delivering exquisite flavor, real sustainability, excellent value, and outstanding quality: you want Olivar Santamaria® Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Khayyan's unique range of sherry wine vinegars, vegetable preserves and spices.

Our farms and facilities work directly with specialized local producers across Spain, providing some of America's top chefs with quality, sustainably farmed products and deep, rich Mediterranean tastes. Let our world-class ingredients complement your skills and thrill your customers.

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Khayyan brings world-class ingredients to your kitchen

The world’s best place to eat

In 2016 Spain once again demonstrated its position as a global culinary powerhouse, the only country with three restaurants ranked among the world's top 10, and the only one with seven in the top 50.

The incredible range of gourmet ingredients that make Spain the world’s best place to eat has yet to become widely available in America.

Khayyan supplies distributors and wholesalers both large and small with freshly packed ingredients. We import all products annually with freshly harvested produce throughout the year, and can accommodate any volume orders and packaging requirement on a bespoke basis.

All Khayyan products under the Khayyan and Olivar Santamaria® label may be purchased in bulk food service or bulk grocery quantities.

We offer product development through our exclusive merged partnership with Emperatriz, a producer packing specialist of locally grown vegetables packed and produced in world-class facilities in la Rioja.

The wide range of products that are available through Khayyan allows us to offer:

• Unlimited access to the best locally grown fresh produce

• Unlimited production capacity

• Regional produce and ingredients with authentic denominations of origin

• Registered  FDA-compliant facilities

• Certified organic produce

Let Our Production Expertise Work For Your Business.

These classic "cazuelas" are only made in the town of Breda, Catalonia, a little village famous for this exceptionally sturdy clay cookware. Safe to use in the oven or on the stovetop, cazuelas are the product of a unique refractory method used since antiquity to create a vessel nearly as dense as a brick. Cazuela dishes are handsome, and are often brought to the table, where they continue to simmer for another 5 to 10 minutes.

For centuries, healthy traditional preserves made it possible to enjoy the bounty of harvest time all year long. Khayyan's exclusive partner growers can and jar a wide range of top-quality produce, and we are always at work developing new products and combinations to satisfy the latest industry trends.

Manzanilla olives grow on evergreen olive trees native to Spain. Our olives are freshly harvested at a multi-generational, family-owned farm in Antequera in Malaga, Spain, then packed in a delicate, proprietary natural brine with low sodium content.

Khayyan Manzanilla Olives also come in a cocktail mix with cornichons, carrots and baby onions or stuffed with fresh anchovies.

These are unquestionably

Spain's best olives!

Andalusia has been famous for balsamic and sherry vinegars since the days of the Roman Empire. Crianza, Reserva and Grand Reserva designated vinegars are made from high-quality Fino, Oloroso, Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez grapes aged in American oak barrels in Montilla-Moriles (Cordoba) and Jerez, Spain. Khayyan's sherry, wine and balsamic vinegar collection has quickly become a staple ingredient in the kitchens of some of America's top chefs.

Discover our exquisite Olivar Santamaria® Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), which displays the distinct flavors of Andalusia’s Picual and Hojiblanca olive varieties: intense to medium grassy flavors, a slight bitterness, some spiciness and hints of tomato and artichoke. The extraordinary organoleptic qualities and high concentration of oleic acid and polyphenols (antioxidants) found in Olivar SANTAMARIA® EVOO make it a key ingredient in a healthy and nutritious diet.

Spain has long been a cosmopolitan center where Roman, Moorish and South American influences could meet and mingle, providing generations of artisans a range of methods for extracting the purest flavors from both land and sea. We work with specialist growers and extractors whose families' techniques have been passed down for centuries.

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