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Top rated chefs in New York use Khayyan productsThe best source of high quality ingredients for chefs in the United States
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Piquillo peppers a small tangy peppers, native to the rural village of Lodosa in Navarra. Often referred to as the “red gold” of Lodosa. Picked whole and fire-roasted, hand-peeled and packed in their own juices. Brought to Spain by Christopher Columbus, once planted in Spain, developed their own characteristics and turned into a native Spanish variety. The piquillo peppers are harvested daily in September and November, as they ripen. They are roasted in wood-fired ovens, which gives them a slightly smokey taste.

Then they are peeled (not washed first) and seeded. During this process, they shrink by about 60%. Piquillo Peppers can be stuffed, roasted again, used for purées, salsas, strips in salads or pieces on canapés, relish trays, antipasto plates, etc.

Roasted Piquillo Pepper


Lodosa (Navarra), Spain

Pepper Varietal

Chili capsicum annuum

Flavor Profile

Intense red color, sweet and tangy, soft to the palate with a smoky after taste

Recommended Use

Excellent stuffing pepper for savory meats, fish and cheeses. Also chop or slice for sandwiches

and salads, or simply use sliced as a simple tapas with a little salt and pepper puréeing with

olive oil and spices for a quick dip or sauce.


Whole Piquillo Peppers


370 g

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We preserve exquisite fresh vegetables at our plant in Rioja where we tenderly capture nature's flavors.

These prepared produce are provided so that chefs may work and enjoy the fresh unique

flavors all year around in a creative and delicious way.

The vegetables are clean, fresh and are seasonally packed at the farm in a low sodium brine devoid of unhealthy chemicals.

As all our products, our vegetable preserves are prepared for you exclusively at each annual harvest.

Our selection of vegetable preserves come from the Navarrese and Rioja orchards. Asparagus from Navarra, artichokes, tomatoes and piquillo peppers are grown and picked in farms near our facilities so that when they are elaborated none of their properties are lost. Products with designation of origin and PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) certification, are a proof of quality and flavor to rely on.


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