Khayyan is proud to be an active partner and member of the advisory council for the Paella for the World Foundation.

Paella for The World is a local non-profit organization with a focus on nutrition education and improving access to the all-natural ingredients and culinary techniques found in the Mediterranean Diet.

The health benefits of following a Mediterranean Diet are well documented and associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease and cancer, diabetes, obesity, as well as reduced incidence of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

The Mediterranean Diet is simple to follow, using inexpensive, all-natural ingredients. Starting a dish with a splash of a flavorful and authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combined with additional healthy ingredients, characterizes the traditional cooking style of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

By supporting local community-based health and food initiatives and improving access to the universally-accepted ingredients essential to the Mediterranean Diet, Khayyan hopes to directly and positively impact the health and wellness of families in our local communities.


“Prevention Through Education”

We work with public schools and other organizations in the State of NJ with a focus on early health education through nutrition programs, fitness and well-being activities, and childhood development programs focusing on the Mediterranean diet as the core foundation of healthy eating.

Together with a team of culinary experts, local farmers, and health and fitness professionals, we aim to encourage healthy eating by teaching the importance of incorporating Mediterranean Diet ingredients, techniques, and traditions.

Olivar Santamaria - Official Brand

Olivar Santamaria® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the official olive oil brand of the Paella for the World Foundation. As a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, olive oil is an important part of traditional nutrition and our monovarietal PICUAL extra virgin olive, the healthiest varietal, is packed with antioxidants - polyphenols of 833 and a low acidity of 0.13.


The International Paella Valenciana Contest of Sueca went back to the USA at the International Mediterranean Food & Wine Festival, held in the city of Newark (New Jersey). Sueca’s contest was represented by our paella-master Jesús Melero, who was invited by the organization Paella For The World Foundation, a nonprofit institution which objectives are focused on holding events in the United States related to the hispanic culinary traditions and the Mediterranean diet.